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  • balsas de riego epoca musulmana Vall de Almonacid
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  • Entorno Masía de Matuta
  • Granero y picaderos
  • vistas desde la plaza de Matuta
  • Vistas desde el mirador de Matuta
  • Campos de olivos centenarios
  • Presa de Matuta
  • Presa de Matuta
  • Presa de Matuta y campos de avena sembrada
  • Castillo de Almonecir
  • balsas de riego de la época musulmana en Vall de Almonacid
  • Corral en lo alto del camino de las balsillas
  • Camino al pico de la Rapita
  • Balsillas
  • Parque Natural de la Sierra de Espadán, vistas hasta el mar

The Masía de Matuta is situated on the edge of the nature reserve "Sierra de Espadán" within the highest region Vall de Almonacid, 7 km of segorbe, in the province of Castellón, the route is via Castellnovo.

La Vall de Almonacid: a small village, about 20 minutes walk from Masía de Matuta away. Originally a . Worth seeing: the impressive Almonecir castle ruins, was recently restored. www.valldealmonacid.es

Castellnovo: small town, 25 minutes by foot. to attend the picnic area "La Mina" and the old city tower. www.castellnovo.es

Segorbe: capital of the Alto Palanciais a town with a lot of historical culture. It is situated on a river, between the mountain ranges Sierra de Espadán and Sierra Calderona. Segorbe is perfect for the purchasing in shops or on the weekly market and for a walk through the old town, where you may apreciate, partly well-preserved traces of the Iberian, Roman, Visigoth and Muslim cultures. Also nice to visit: the sources of the "los 50 caños" on the river Palancia http://www.segorbe.org.

Altura: the second largest village in the region after Segorbe. It is situated on the river Palancia, Sierra Calderona Nature Park. We also recommend a visit to the "Santuario de la cueva Santa", the "holy cave"; a chapel in the mountain and a former monastery,. www.villadealtura.es Other sights in the Alto Palancia, www.altopalancia.es